A flavor of oriental coffee is in the air. A colourful maze of voices and cars blowing their horns resound in the streets. An old radio from back in the days is rattling somewhere in the distance through the sun flood streets. Just a normal evening in the Middle East. Just a normal evening in Bethlehem. Suddenly some unuasal sounds are breaking through the cheerful oriental tangle. Animating electro beats. Euphoric synths. Garnished with some fresh crunch guitars. Now and then completed with some killer brass sections. Catchy pop vocal lines on top. That doesn’t sound like an usual evening in Bethlehem at all. But yet these new sounds seem to blur with their differnet environment, disappearing in the small alleys, moving through the doors and backyards, getting soaked up by some smartphones.


So colourful. So fresh. So different. Just like a city in the Orient.


More and more people are gathering curiously in front of the stage, set up on the Manger Square. The band performing in this moment, is just as fresh and different as the middle eastern enviroment, they’re playing in. Three brothers Flo, Jonny, Dave and their best friends Titos and Timo. Vocals, guitars, drums, synths and trumpets. Who needs a bass, since there is a synthesizer…Good Weather Forecast. Since 7 years on tour. Based in Germany. 15 countries. 3 continents. Over 400 live shows. With grammy winning artists, rockstars and many friends.


In the meantime the audience in the oriental city of Bethlehem is starting to clap along. Many people take up dancing. The ice is broken and the party takes off. „Bethlehem has never seen something like this before“, an old man with a toothless smile ensures, pointing at the about 1000 people dancing, celebrating and cheering in front of the stage.

The buzz is increasing with every drop. The crowd gets louder with every sung hookline. And nearness is growing with every song. And then the show is over. But not the band’s encounter with the people of Bethlehem. Countless photos are taken. With babies, handed over to the boys. With girls, grandfathers and soldiers. And this is why the five Germans are making music in the first place. It’s more than mere entertainment. It’s about music and the power of music. It’s about giving a reckless evening to people and connecting them. It’s about encouraging people to live their dreams and telling a young girl that she’s unique and valuable. It’s about passion. It’s about spreading hope , god’s love and faith to people around the globe.


It’s Good Weather Forecast.


Good Weather Forecast is


Florian Stielper (vocals)

Johannes Stielper (guitar)

David Stielper (drums)

Timo Kästner (keys, trumpet)

Titos Hailom (guitar)