Venice Beach, Los Angeles. Vibrant life is allaround, inspired by the never ending summer. The beats from a ghetto blaster blur with the sound of the ocean. Surfers are looking for the perfect wave, skaters bounce over the asphalt. A fresh breeze from the sea blows over – and sometimes you can taste the Pacific on your lips: slightly salty, sun-drenched, full of life and freedom…
„Superhumans „, the new album from Good Weather Forecast, feels exactly like this. The 14 songs show the diversity of life and prove the unique power of music. However, the five guys of Good Weather Forecast don’t come from the city of dreams, but from a contemplative little town located in the south of Germany. But it seems like: big dreams are also made in Bavaria.
But what about the album title „Superhumans“? „In cinemas we see superheroes,“ singer Flo Stielper explains. „But what attracts us more are people like you and me. We all have our weak spots, but on the otherside we hold sheer limitless potential. If we really want to achieve something, we are capable of breaking down barriers.“ Then no sea is too deep, no mountain too high and dreams can come true. And that’s the message of this band.
The story of Good Weather Forecast begins ten years ago: The three brothers Flo (vocals), Jonny (guitar) and Dave (drums) Stielper, found the band. A little later guitarist Titos Hailom and the keyboarder Timo Kästner joins the band. From the very beginning the band is on fire: After just a few months in the rehearsal room, the boys won the „Rock Without Limits“ newcomer award, and started touring all over Germany and Europe. To date, Good Weather Forecast played over 500 hundred shows in 15 countries and on the three continents, Europe, Australia and Asia.But one thing has not crept in: Routine. Every gig is played as if it is the first one. Or the last one. Every show is special. And that makes Good Weather Forecast a truly sensational live band.
„There was no concert where we didn’t give everything. No matter how far we have travelled, how far we have flown, whether at a festival, in an arena or in a club,“says Flo Stiepler. The energy level of their live shows has remained the same, the sound of the band has changed. A lot.  Already the first two albums „Dreamcity“ (2012) and „We Glow“ (2015) show the development from a ska-punk band to a band that combines rock, pop, EDM and electronica in an easy way. SUPERHUMANS is now the next step: Good Weather Forecast has never been more progressive. Superhumans „- the title song and the first single of the record –  is an absolutely stirring track: acoustic guitar and handclaps drive the piece, a short synthie interlude builds up suspense, then the refrain with its huge choirs and powerful drums makes clear what Good Weather Forecast is aiming for: It’s one of those tracks where no one is left standing. And that’s not the only one on the album: SUPERHUMANS is a record full of hits! House Of Cards „plays skillfully with Neo-R‘ n‘ B,“ Steal Your Time „is pure pop and absolutely a radio hit,“ Dancing With Dragons „starts melancholically and develops into an 80s jewel. „When there is light, there is shadow,“ says Florian Stielper to „Dancing With Dragons“. „This song is about the dark sides of every „superhuman“ and how we deal with these shadows.“
So here’s a tip: Listen to SUPERHUMANS and immerse yourself in this world where everyone can write a personal „superhuman“ story.

Good Weather Forecast is


Florian Stielper (vocals)

Johannes Stielper (guitar)

David Stielper (drums)

Timo Kästner (keys, trumpet)

Titos Hailom (guitar)