A rusty tin container juts awkwardly into the cloudless sky . The white sunlight cruelly paves its way through the holey roof and the cracked windows. It is hot. Within the container even hotter. 50 degrees celsius and more. Hard to believe that four kids and their parents live in these rust-eaten 14 squaremeters…


What’s the “Better Days Campaign“?

Give hope to kids. That‘s the goal of the “Better Days“ campaign. The hope for a „better“ future. The focal point of the campaign is a short video documenting the journey of Lisa and Lena and Good Weather Forecast to Armenia, where they visited a charity project of the charity organisation GAiN, short for Global Aid Network.

In Armenia GAiN basically builds houses for the poorest of the poor families, living a life in damaged tin containers with no hope for the future. As you can imagine, this life is quite tough especially for children. They are living a life on the edge of the society with only little hope to leave this vicious circle of poverty one day. It time to stand up together and do something about it. In fact it was never easier to help and change the life of some kids. Let’s give hope to these kids.


Go and stream the song „Better Days“ of Good Weather Forecast. All profit flows directly into a house building project of GAiN in Armenia.